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ADVOCACIA ATTILA DE SOUZA LEÃO ANDRADE, JR. was incorporated in São Paulo in 1982 by Dr. Andrade.

Dr. Andrade received the first of his law degrees from the Law School of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1969. He went on to receive a Master of Laws (L.L.M.) in 1972 and a Doctorate of Juristic Science (J.S.D.) in 1977 from Yale Law School in New Haven, Connecticut. He has written several books on foreign investment in Brazil among which are:

- Capital Estrangeiro no Sistema Jurídico Brasileiro, Cia. Editora Forense, São Paulo, 1979;
- Guidelines on Brazil's Foreign Investment Law, 2nd Edition, Kluwer Pub., Amsterdam, 1993;
- Interpretação do Direito Tributário segundo os Tribunais, Ed. Resenha Tributária 1983 e segunda edição da mesma obra, publicada pela Fiuza Editores em 1995.
- Conceitos Jurídicos para o Desenvolvimento das Empresas no Brazil, Ed. e Dist. Paulista, Ltda., São Paulo, 1983;
- Guidelines on Brazil's Foreign Investment Law, 2a ed. Kluwer Publishers, Amesterdam, The Netherlands, 1993.
- Interpretação de Direito Tributário, Segundo os Tribunais, Ed. Resenha Tributário, São Paulo, 1991
- Comentários à nova lei do imposto de renda das pessoas jurídicas, publicado pela Ed. Brasilia Jurídica, Brasilia, 1996
- Novo Direito Tributário Brasileiro, Fiúza Editores, São Paulo, 1997
- Guide des Lois Applicables aux Investissements étranger au Brésil., 1 ed. Centro de Estudos de Direito. ,1996

Dr. Andrade was associated with Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen and Hamilton in New York in the mid 70's and worked extensively with James Johnson, Esq. and Anthony Gooch, Esq. of that firm.

His expertise ranges from corporate law to foreign investment law , a subject on which Dr. Andrade has been considered the top advisor in his country and abroad. Dr. Andrade's book on foreign investment is the Brazilian government's official book on foreign investment law, for the sake of information to potential investors from abroad. His knowledge covers also corporate law and finance, contracts and taxation.

Recently Dr. Andrade was hired by Harvard University to draft the new foreign investment code for Angola, a former Portuguese colony in Africa. Dr. Andrade successfully accomplished his mission over there.

Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.

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Tel.: 55 11 3257-5546/ 3259-5927/3257-6374