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New policy for more investments in Brazil in motion

To encourage foreign investment in Brazil, the Brazilian government adopted two new policies. They are part of the newly proclaimed program "investment now."
According to the finance minister, Antonio Palocci, the program involves first the reduction of the repayment period of the PIS / COFINS machines and other equipment to 10-2 years.
Additionally, companies must be authorized to sell such investments for a period of five years from the income tax.
The government is expected in the near future, an increase in foreign investment as a result of this new policy.

Export to Commission

New regulations for the jewelry industry and gems allow Brazilian exporters to sell their products abroad in committee.
Products exported so may stay for a maximum of 180 days abroad. Later, the term is renewed or the goods are brought back to Brazil.

New tax opportunities for foreign investors in Brazil

Our company has recently fought a court order after the PIS / COFINS are paid only on the CIF value of the imported goods (contrary to the requirements of the Brazilian government).
As a result, the tax burden on imports were drastically reduced by about 25%.
Moreover, a judgment that could erstreiten exempts companies from taxes according to currency closed symbolically to be paid. This was known to be very common in Brazil.


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